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WDCABHFPYMClient - Rest API - Fixed a problem where the Rest API was showing the incorrect version information.
CSMHAX2PPSClient - Mac - Fixed an issue where users were unable to edit (backspace or overwrite) the value in the Search toolbar.
RKRYBXPR33Client - Mac - Fixed an issue on the Mac where focus was not being set correctly.
ASHAC5LFZ3Client - Editor - Fixed an issue where OLE objects were not automatically getting launched. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
PSHABMMH4JClient - Calendaring and Scheduling - Fixed an issue where updating a single instance in a repeating meeting then adding an invitee was sending the...
AYAVBSMMHGClient - Mac - Fixed an intermittent hang that could occur when doing Switch ID or Switch Location. Intermittent issue was seen with Mojave 10.14.6...
SAHNBVNBKUClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where outlines in emails received from external clients were not displayed correctly. This regression was introduced...
CSAO8XPB46Client - Calendar - Fixed an issue where a calendar invitation could not be sent to an internet user if the default display name was set to alternate...
HHIE9FMFWCClient - Fixed an issue where Notes client would not fully exit when user's current password did not meet the requirements set by their...
PCHNC2CPDNClient - Multi-user install - Fixed an issue where Mui install of German language on Multi-user install did not add userinterface=de in notes.ini and...
PMAEC5TB9EClient - High Resolution - Fixed an issue where mail preview and mini view font would change to bold/blur when drag and drop an email into the Mini...
GPFMC6THVDClient - Mac Big Sur - Fixed a crash in PostNewMailStatus that could occur after switching focus to Notes from another application via the macOS...
RKRYC7QH9DClient - Mac - Big Sur - fixed an intermittent crash that could occur when displaying a dialog box.
ACHYC7WDWPClient - Fixed an issue where MS office documents' share as a file functionality using Notes did not work intermittently. Workaround was to add the...
JMEAC8FSVBClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue where repeating meetings were being received as message instead of invitations by outlook users added after the...
SANEC23KKEClient - Fixed an issue where Notes would crash when trying to open a specific document in DocAccessGuessFieldLabel function. This regression was...
EPORC7HMYSClient - Upgraded commons-compress library.


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